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Experience Incredible Stock Photography with iStockphoto Promo Code

Are you a creative professional looking for hand-picked premium stock photos but with limited budget? You have come to the right place. iStock by Getty Images is one of the leading stock content marketplaces in the world. It has millions of royalty-free images at ridiculously great prices. You can surely find the perfect stock photos for your creative projects. Buy credits or subscribe today with an iStockphoto promo code.

One of the many perks of having an iStock (you can read this review) account is free stock files every week. By signing up to the website, you can enjoy a free photo, free illustration and free video once a week. You can also download and use the free audio of the month.

  • The iStock free photo of the week comes from the Signature collection and is available in all sizes – small, medium, large, extra-large, double extra-large and triple extra-large. It also includes a Standard license, which allows you to use the image anytime and anywhere you want. If you wish to add an Extended license, you can do so for a fee.
  • On the other hand, the iStockphoto free illustration of the week is a vector that includes large JPEG. It also comes from the Signature Collection and includes a Standard license.
  • The video of the week also comes from the Signature Collection and is available in various resolutions from Small Web to High Definition.
  • Lastly, the free audio of the month includes a Standard license and comes from the Signature Collection as well.

The stock photo agency remains as an industry leader, offering the creative community with incredible stock images at flexible pricing. It gives you the choice between Pay per Download with credits and Subscription Plans. Now, what is the difference between these two and what should you get? Find out here.

  • Pay per download. Pay per download allows you to download images, videos and vectors with credits. This option has the buy more, save more principle which means exactly what it says. You can purchase a credit package with as few as 3 credits. And, these credits do not expire as long as you use your account once a year. By using we mean signing in.
  • Subscription plan. A subscription plan allows you to purchase and download images at the best rates. You have a choice between an Essentials subscription and a Signature Subscription. The former lets you download every Essentials image, while the latter gives you access to every image in the stock site, plus the Signature collection. All subscription plans include generous monthly download limits, but video and audio are not included.

To enjoy these incredible stock files at ridiculously great prices, first you need to get an iStock promo code. You can get an iStockphoto promo code from the website itself, or its affiliate for higher discounts. Apply it to your next purchase and enjoy downloading the files you need.

Why Shutterstock, Why Now?

The year is almost over. It may be time to start thinking of 2016 and what you plan on doing during the upcoming year. Part of any marketer’s overall strategy includes the heavy usage of stock photos. Stock photos are invaluable and have earned their place as integral tools to the avid marketer.

So why Shutterstock? Why now? Read more here!

Shutterstock Is Well-Known

To answer the question, I could write an entire book. Shutterstock is one of the big six – one of the stock photo agencies with one of the largest libraries on the net. Founded by John Oringer in 2003, they now offer several different file types.

They Have Several Different File Types

One may think of the stock photo industry as having stock photos – and they wouldn’t be wrong. It is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon to find several different file types on any given microstock agency website – Shutterstock included.

Stock Photos

Stock photos are non-identifying photos that are used to enhance creative projects such as what you might find in marketing campaigns.

Vector Images

Vector images are simple computer images created by graphic designers and digital artists that you make use of simple lines, curves and flat polygons to create an image. The Google Chrome logo is a vector image.


Illustrations are usually drawn by hand by artists and then scanned into the computer. They are then uploaded by these artists to be included in Shutterstock’s library.

Editorial Images

Editorial images are special photos that are specifically designed to identify people, places and events. These are used to enhance editorial pieces as such as what you might find in journalism.

Stock Video Footage

This is becoming an increasingly popular category due to the amount of videos that are being posted and watched online. Think back to the last television commercial you watched – it probably had stock video footage to enhance the message.

Stock Audio Clips

This section is reserved for people who create podcasts. These are audio clips designed to enhance audio commercials and audio shows that are produced and edited by marketers.

Why Now?

Why should you choose a Shutterstock free subscription now? Quite frankly, it’s because the year is almost over. Take advantage of these three discounts before Shutterstock takes them down for the new year.

  • Right now, you can get a 15 percent discount on all subscription purchases. That means when you purchase a subscription, you will receive 15 percent discount on the spot.
  • Because of stock video footage is not sold in subscriptions, Shutterstock decided to include the same discount to their footage backed by giving you a 15 percent discount on all their stock video footage.
  • Just in for the holidays is a 20 percent discount on all holiday purchases – across the board.

Hurry – these discounts will not last long. Go on – get ready for the new year with a fresh subscription from Shutterstock with coupon codes! Get them on their exclusive link.