Why Shutterstock, Why Now?

The year is almost over. It may be time to start thinking of 2016 and what you plan on doing during the upcoming year. Part of any marketer’s overall strategy includes the heavy usage of stock photos. Stock photos are invaluable and have earned their place as integral tools to the avid marketer.

So why Shutterstock? Why now? Read more here!

Shutterstock Is Well-Known

To answer the question, I could write an entire book. Shutterstock is one of the big six – one of the stock photo agencies with one of the largest libraries on the net. Founded by John Oringer in 2003, they now offer several different file types.

They Have Several Different File Types

One may think of the stock photo industry as having stock photos – and they wouldn’t be wrong. It is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon to find several different file types on any given microstock agency website – Shutterstock included.

Stock Photos

Stock photos are non-identifying photos that are used to enhance creative projects such as what you might find in marketing campaigns.

Vector Images

Vector images are simple computer images created by graphic designers and digital artists that you make use of simple lines, curves and flat polygons to create an image. The Google Chrome logo is a vector image.


Illustrations are usually drawn by hand by artists and then scanned into the computer. They are then uploaded by these artists to be included in Shutterstock’s library.

Editorial Images

Editorial images are special photos that are specifically designed to identify people, places and events. These are used to enhance editorial pieces as such as what you might find in journalism.

Stock Video Footage

This is becoming an increasingly popular category due to the amount of videos that are being posted and watched online. Think back to the last television commercial you watched – it probably had stock video footage to enhance the message.

Stock Audio Clips

This section is reserved for people who create podcasts. These are audio clips designed to enhance audio commercials and audio shows that are produced and edited by marketers.

Why Now?

Why should you choose a Shutterstock free subscription now? Quite frankly, it’s because the year is almost over. Take advantage of these three discounts before Shutterstock takes them down for the new year.

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  • Because of stock video footage is not sold in subscriptions, Shutterstock decided to include the same discount to their footage backed by giving you a 15 percent discount on all their stock video footage.
  • Just in for the holidays is a 20 percent discount on all holiday purchases – across the board.

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Why I Buy Cheap Stock Photos for my Webdesign

Images are now used all over the Internet. The need for these photos has increased intensely. Many people are now using agencies that offer cheap stock photos at affordable prices. They buy them in order to protect their companies from copyright issues. You can find them in slideshow, ebooks, websites and blogs. Others have incorporated them in their social media campaigns. As for me, I use cheap stock photos for my webdesign. How about you? How do you utilize the countless options that stock photo sites offer? Click to find out more!

Some people are hesitant to procure cheap stock photos. They think that they can simply get them by doing an image search. They look out too much for what they spend that they fail to recognize the risks involved in taking photos from the Internet. If you want free photos, there are agencies with free photo galleries. However, buying a stock photo is a better way to protect yourself as well as your company. Here are some of the reasons why I choose a free stock to web design.

  • Stock photos, images and illustrations are ready for direct download. You can register to avail of free membership or pay as you go. Free membership can be obtained immediately as well as credits or subscriptions. If you need stock photos instantly, you can as easily search, buy and download them. If you need unique travel, nature, location and model photos, you can buy them online. Fortunately, many websites offer promotions. For instance, you can get Shutterstock Coupon Code for an exclusive discount.
  • Stock photo agencies offer millions of stock photos and images in their libraries. These libraries also have search engines to help you find what you are looking for quickly and easily. They also offer diverse collections of any location, color, emotion and subject. To have a greater selection of these images, I recommend you to get your memberships. Of course, every agency has its own personal collections. Choose one that suits your creative needs. Don’t miss out on these promotions. Have multiple memberships to find what you need. Use iStock Promo Code and iStockphoto Promo Code for greater discounts. 
  • Since every project requires different licensing needs, having access to several options gives you more freedom and greater protection for your project. Every photo you download has a standard license that will protect you under certain terms and conditions laid by the agency. Images taken from Google image search do not carry these licenses. Using them would cost you more than a cheap stock photo. To get even more discounts on stock images, use promotions such as the Fotolia Promo Code.
  • Purchasing a stock photo with standard licensing comes with property releases and necessary models. Releases refer to legal agreements from models and photo owners stating that they allow you to use their images under general conditions. They are a necessary image protection for the advertising and marketing campaigns of your company. If you need cheap stock photos webdesign, don’t think that a dollar or less is a waste. It will save you hundreds or even thousands more from legal liabilities.    
  • Membership Benefits. Cheap stock photos webdesign also involve membership benefits. Having a free membership to multiple stock photo websites is actually an advantage. Many stock agencies offer free photos, stock photo information, new photos and newsletters that are only accessible to registered members. Some of the agencies that offer free photos every week are iStockphoto and Shutterstock. Generally, memberships are free. They do not require any financial investment until you decide to buy a photo from the stock photo agency. 
  • Photographers and Designers. Every stock photo agency has a wide variety of stock photo contributors. They may be photographers or designers who join each agency and contribute to their libraries. This allows you to search for stock images and photos or more photographers and designers, giving you a lot to choose from. This is very helpful if you need unique and specific images. 
  • Buying options. Of course, each and every stock agency has its own pricing structure and payment option. For instance Dollar Photo Club has cheap licensing options. If you read any Dollar Photo Club review, you will know that it is one of the cheapest stock photo sites with a wide collection to choose from. Other sites that offer cheap stock photos webdesign are Fotolia, iStockphoto, Dreamstime and Depositphotos. Once you have mastered the benefits of each of these stock photo sites, you can use your free membership to capitalize on cheap options.


Purchasing stock photos offer a number of benefits. Using these photos proves that you are using them legally and that you comply with copyright laws both locally and internationally. It allows you to use these photos on design, digital media and many other promotional campaigns. If you really think about it, stock photos are actually cheap and fast to use. You can just download them and use them to suit your creative needs without looking over your shoulder for legal obligations.

You do not need to find photographers to give you the exact photo you need. You can simply search on the databases of stock photo agencies to save more time and money. You can also search for, find and use international stock images without paying for additional costs or waiting for their delivery. Lastly, you get to enjoy the several benefits that stock agency free membership offers. With all these being said, you may want to consider signing up for a stock photo agency now.

Buying stock photos includes a number of benefits through online stock photo sites. Some people are not using these sites, but they could greatly benefit from it if they understand what they are and how they operate. I have come across more than 7 benefits of buying cheap stock photos for my webdesign. As you become an advanced user of stock photo sites, you will too. I found out that being a member of multiple stock agencies and buying from them are the best ways to support any immediate design needs.